Monday, 11 August 2014

A Philippine Debut

Okay it's quite embarrassing that all my posts are delayed HAHAHA i'm sorry.

30 . 05 . 2014

Headed to the TBM Flea with Richard in the afternoon then walked around town to shop.

In the evening, I changed into a dress and we headed to The Chevrons to attend my friend Erika's birthday celebration.
It's actually called a "Philippine Debut", which is a traditional Filipino coming-of-age celebration for young women in which it celebrates a young woman's 18th birthday.

Basically, on their 18th birthday, Filipinos customarily throw a large(grand) party, complete with her own hand-picked entourage of 18 individuals or multiple sets of 18. Half of the 18 are conventionally male and the other half, female.

So here's how it went for Erika!:

Hehe I'm evil.

Kept taking photos 'till the emcee targeted me

The hand-picked 18 Boys and 18 Girls were then called out to stand side-by-side creating sort of an aisle.

Then... The bride and groom walks in~

HAHA just kidding. But don't they look like a couple about to get married?!

After prayers, it was time to eat!


I love buffets.
I tend to always take too much though.

Next, the 18 girls had to light a candle each and make a wish for/to her!

Then she blew them all out, accepting those wishes :)

Afterward, she was invited by her dad to dance and the following 17 guys had to each give her a red rose and invite her to dance.

Then we played games and took picturesssss!

We were each given a colored bear to keep as well!

Played with the candles again

Super step:

It was a rather interesting experience, something entirely new to me!
Thank you Erika for the invitation :)
Happy belated 18th!  

" What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contact is so quick. Fashion is an instant language. "
- Miuccia Prada

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