Tuesday, 9 April 2013

I've hit rock bottom

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Blouse - Forever 21
Shorts - Topshop
Shoes - Topshop
Wallet - Kate Spade

" Once you've hit rock bottom, all you can do is try to pick yourself up. "

I didn't think it would feel/be this bad.
I miss you. I miss you dearly.
It all just keeps replaying over and over again in my mind, like it's automatically trying to figure out what went wrong.
How could you just leave? How could you just leave like that - like it was nothing?
I'm drowning in my thoughts. They won't leave me alone. They cloud my mind like an endless parade.
I can't shut them out. And it's fucking torturous.
But I've hit rock bottom. And now all i can do is try my best to pick myself up. 
Or i'll be stuck in this state for as long as i live. 
I'm not saying it will be easy. It'll be so hard.
But i'm stronger than this.
Endure this pain, put a smile on your face. Pretend you're happy and soon you'll be numb to all of it.
You can do this.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

We're standing on a tiny ledge

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 photo IMG_1624_zpse7b5e458.jpg
 photo IMG_1629_zps2138deef.jpg
 photo IMG_1630_zps44f58c38.jpg

Crop Top - Topshop
Denim Shorts - Levis
Blazer - RWB
Shoes - Topshop
Bag - Topshop
Necklace - Diva
Cuffs - Bangkok, Thailand

Sorry i haven't blogged in ages, i have been too busy! 
Here's an outfit i put together about a month ago. Finally got to wear my white blazer (which i absolutely love) which i got from RWB months ago.
How have all of you been doing? School is starting soon for me, and i'm feeling nervous and excited. Yet, i really don't want my holidays to end just yet. 
Yes, 6 months of holidays is just not enough ;)

The Script concert tonight, can't wait! x

" Work on finding happiness from within, then you will definitely find it in the world "

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Too young, too dumb to realise

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 photo IMG_1699_zps5536bdaf.jpg
 photo IMG_1707_zpsb292acb9.jpg
 photo IMG_1708_zpsdb721c57.jpg
 photo IMG_1711_zpsfd3d394a.jpg
 photo IMG_1715_zpsd334954e.jpg
 photo IMG_1731_zps039e662c.jpg
 photo IMG_1744_zps03a88f60.jpg
 photo IMG_1751_zpsd85d4d51.jpg
T Shirt - Giyongchy
Striped Shorts - Bangkok, Thailand
Hellraisers - UNIF(i)
Bag - Topshop
Cuff - Bangkok, Thailand
Rings - Flea

" I can see the pain behind your eyes, it's been there for quite awhile. "

Monday, 1 April 2013

I don't know why but you got me thinking of you

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 photo IMG_1488_zps4ff2e15e.jpg
 photo IMG_1519_zps4235be15.jpg
 photo IMG_1512_zps55b8a2f7.jpg
 photo IMG_1520_zps99c55023.jpg
 photo IMG_1493_zps69444c06.jpg
 photo IMG_1507_zpsec7211a1.jpg
 photo IMG_1525_zpsc535b805.jpg
 photo 217BC889-1027-471C-8317-D55827E8F73E-1861-0000016682FD391B_zpse4a173d8.jpg

Open Back Dress (Worn as a top) - Nastygal
Floral Skirt - Coming up on ShopMode
Booties - Online
Bag - Topshop
Cuff - Bangkok, Thailand

" I am in love with the presence of your words and the feel of your existence. But I'm not in love with you. "