Thursday, 7 August 2014

Fashion In A City VIP & Media Launch

Another much delayed post but here are pictures from the day when the Mousetrap girls & I headed down to Fashion In A City's VIP & Media Launch!
And I brought my boyfriend along with me! 

First time being the tallest (because they're all sitting down hehe)

HAHA paparazzi 

Crop Top, Skirt, Heels and Necklace from Topshop, Bracelet and Charm from Pandora, Bag from Mango.

Original Photo Credits: Chrysan & Brenda


Projects: Done 
Fina-freaking-lly done with all my school projects and presentations for this semester. Exams are in two weeks and the only thought in my mind right now is:
Holidays are in three weeks
Holidays are in three weeks
Holidays are in three weeks
And I can't waittttttt! I have so many things planned in September and that includes filming for MousetrapTV's 3D2N! 
I'm so excited!!!!!!
But for now, I need to get my lazy butt off the couch and start studying.

" Time has stopped.
We're quiet now.
Wipe your tears.
Then smile happily. "

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