Wednesday, 27 February 2013

As empty as the heart beating in your chest

 photo IMG_1411_zps4f49a8f3.jpg photo IMG_1405_zps186f4e54.jpg
 photo IMG_1376_zps1998766f.jpg  photo IMG_1390_zps152ab3e4.jpg  photo IMG_1391_zpsd53ed581.jpg  photo IMG_1399_zps24cc3fec.jpg  photo IMG_1400_zps75d7a7af.jpg  photo IMG_1402_zps4040f173.jpg  photo IMG_1410_zps46cca947.jpg  photo IMG_1416_zpsd7281e5f.jpg  photo IMG_1421_zpsf9c71324.jpg  photo IMG_1431_zpsc17bc07d.jpg  photo IMG_1433_zps6a05e3af.jpg  photo IMG_1437_zps6f2a2b55.jpg

Turtleneck - Topshop
Crotchet Shorts - Topshop
Spiked Flats - UNIF Hellraisers (i)
Gold Metallic Clutch - ShopMode
Cuff - Bangkok, Thailand

" Your words are as empty as the heart beating in your chest. "

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Happy Chinese New Year!

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 photo PM4A0018_zps65d8045b.jpg
 photo PM4A0041_zpsdfeccb3f.jpg
 photo PM4A0043_zps47a09cf6.jpg
 photo PM4A0061_zps97444d09.jpg
 photo PM4A0053_zps878cd00a.jpg
 photo PM4A0048_zps872f9bae.jpg
 photo PM4A0056_zps14b8deab.jpg
 photo PM4A0037_zpsc13bf7b0.jpg
 photo PM4A0059_zpsa9f48427.jpg
 photo PM4A0062_zpsd078ff8f.jpg

" So we lay in the dark, cause we've got nothing to say. Just the beating of hearts, like two drums in the grey. "

Monday, 4 February 2013

We cling on to the things we know we have to let go of

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 photo IMG_1155_zpsffbe9ce4.jpg
 photo IMG_1158_zps2fa9353e.jpg
 photo IMG_1160_zpsd9d2c99c.jpg
 photo IMG_1161_zps897c224e.jpg
 photo IMG_1162_zpsf8f21f54.jpg
 photo IMG_1164_zpse9c30486.jpg
 photo IMG_1170_zps8937caef.jpg
 photo IMG_1171_zpsc1f8682b.jpg
 photo IMG_1172_zps7e0f917a.jpg
 photo IMG_1174_zps18077949.jpg
 photo IMG_1176_zps826231d5.jpg
 photo IMG_1175_zps749fae00.jpg
 photo IMG_1177_zps5ee4c7d2.jpg

Crop Top - Topshop
Highwaist Jeans - Gift
Shoes - Deandri's Helga
Bag - Topshop
Watch - River Island

 photo IMG_1184_zps7580246a.jpg

 photo IMG_1198_zps97d4fe06.jpg
Sharon, Celeste

 photo IMG_1200_zps2bd690c3.jpg

 photo IMG_1202_zps7ec2a471.jpg
 photo IMG_1203_zpscecca41c.jpg
 photo IMG_1207_zps9de5c8f2.jpg
 photo IMG_1208_zps55de2d1a.jpg
 photo IMG_1211_zpsecb6f472.jpg
w/ the 3 Jan boy babies - Chester, Zhangzhen, Dave

 photo IMG_1230_zps83e39f4f.jpg
 photo IMG_1237_zps0b5d95c5.jpg
 photo IMG_1231_zpse5a1918b.jpg
 photo IMG_1236_zpsdec3e85a.jpg

" We cling on to the things we know we have to let go of/ that's what drives us mad "