Thursday, 19 January 2012

Eggxiting plans to look forward to:

(1) Town tmr to celebrate Chester's Birthday!!! + Get to see J^2 at night after so long!!
(2) USS on Saturday to celebrate Sharon's (belated)Birthday!!!!!
(3) SS4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YEY. I am officially going to Super Show 4! If you guys don't know what that is, it's a Super Junior concert!!! Okay, for all you KPOP haters ahhhhhhh i understand where you come from. HAHA because i used to be a hater myself. Thennnn i started lovvvinggggg KPOP. However i currently don't really like it no more. The phase has passed. Now it just annoys me. BUT Super Junior is an exception because they are awesome WOOOOOOOO!!!
I'm going on the second day- Sunday! Can't w8 can't w8 can't w8 yay

" What makes a person sexy is when he's not trying to be sexy. " - Juliette Binoche

Happy burfdai Sharon

Saturday: 31.12.11 - Sunday: 1.1.2012


Sam, Alvan, Aikhong, Aston, Ericia, Kelvan, Spencer

Friday: 13.1.12
Met Claire (finally) after school for a failed study session @ Woodlands ahhahaha


Saturday: 14.1.12
Went down to Novena for lunch with a group of friends at a restaurant named Doodle! Walked around for awhile afterwards and took a train to town! Walked around, bought new shuzzz and then went to Jones The Grocer to have dessert! Sharon, Huicheng and I left the others afterwards to meet Michelle and Ricky for dinner at Oriole! :-) Yummmmmmmz the Fish & Chips there is delishhhh. And so worth the $$.

Crop top - Bangkok, Shorts - WS, Sandals - Urban Outfitters, Wallet - Charles & Keith

Joleen, Shankai, Huicheng, Celestine, Sharon, Sam, Shankai, Daryl, Sean

Ricky + Michelle

Monday: 16.1.12
Went home after school to wash up and change, then went to meet the girls @ Orchard MRT! Walked around there a lil' while then we headed over to Hard Rock Cafe for dinner! It looked the same since i last went there- P2? ;-) Awesome.
Woah the bill was madness tho. $206!!!!!! SERVICE CHARGE WAS $30. What the hell. Hahhaha but i guess their service is rather great! But still... $30 is a tad much :-(
Sharon (The birthday girl) was asked by them to stand on a chair holding a guitar and a (free)chocolate sundae while the whole restaurant sang a Happy Birthday to her! So freaking funny ;-).


Sharon + hc

Sam + Sharon



Cake we made for her~

Wu Nan, Dena, Sharon, Huicheng, Sam

OMG yum


photobomb lol

Yay unicorns!


Vibrating Honey-Coated Melted Lamb Nipples

Princess Troll


" I think it's the same simple thing for everyone - to be happy, and have love in your life. " - Juliette Binoche

Monday, 9 January 2012


Sorry for not blogging much! Been busy :p

Thursday: 22.12.11
Performed for our Schools' Open House!!

Friday: 23.12.11
XMAS Gathering with the fams

Saturday: 24.12.11
Had an XMAS dinner w/ Llewyn, Walter, Winnie, Alexes, Mindy, Ashley, Simeon + Jsmn!!
Fucking madness @ Cineleisure near midnight. Hhahahaherjghakjerngkjaenrg

Ash + Jsmn!



Da g4lz

Mindy + Winnie!

Alexes + Winnie!

Sunday: 25.12.11
XMAS celebration w fammssss

Monday: 26.12.11
Went out w/ Huicheng & Andi today!

Tuesday: 27.12.11
Went out w/ Winnie and shopped @ Topshop! Bought a bikini ;-). Met Mindy + Richard awhile, then went for dinner with a few others.

Wednesday: 28.12.11
Night @ Fairmont with a bunch of friends; drama, madness and regrets. It was crazy, but memorable.

Ashley's qt socks from Topshop

lol llewyn

Thursday: 29.12.11
Had a family dinner and went to play L4D2 @ Chambers with my cousins/sisters, where i bumped into hadi & mw hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Friday: 30.12.11
Went to Sentosa and had a mini picnic with Sam on the beach. It was so funny b'cause we didn't have a mat..... We bought like a packet of garbage bags and laid it out on the sand and sat on it. HAHAHA OH MAN. How embarrassing :3.
Headed to town to meet Chen, llewyn, geliang, tim, gab and others to chillaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Saturday: 31.12.11 - Sunday: 1.1.2012
Stayed + Countdown-ed @ Sentosa with Spencer, aston, aikhong, alvan, sam, ericia and kelvan. ekargnaeklrjgnkaerjgnkaejngk emotional + crazy night.
Pictures next time!

In the evening on the 1st, i went to meet j^3>jsmn,chen,retnam + Simeon @ Marina sqqqqqqq. Watched The Darkest Hour. It wasn't really goooood.......................

Wednesday: 4.1.12
Spencer's birthday today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BDAY BRUTHA <3
Had a celebratory lunch with him, sam, ericia, aston, brian, jolene, aikhong, alvan and kelvan @ Din Tai Fung!!! Omg lol Spencer had to swallow a mouthful of a mixture of alot of thingsssss added together. UGHHH. so gross. but funny.

Thursday: 5.1.12 
H2H Lunch w/ Sharon @ Swensons.

Friday: 6.1.12
Met Chen, llewyn and retnam for lunch + pooooool.

Saturday: 7.1.12 
Went out w mom to do my eyebrowwsssssss yey neat brows ^_^

Sunday: 8.1.12 

" One can not love without opening oneself, and opening oneself, that's taking the risk of suffering. One does not have control. " - Isabelle Adjani