Monday, 28 November 2011

The sudden urge to shop

I was looking through lookbook and tumblr and i see all these girls wearing these amazing clothes and i get so jealous. There're so many reasons why i can't wear those clothes. Here're three.
#1: The clothes are waaay too expensive.
#2: Singapore doesn't have Winter and Autumn, so all thick coats, fur, and all those stuff can't be worn or we'll melt to death.
#3: I don't have the height.

SO it generally just sucks. + I really dislike Singapore in some ways. It's too small, therefore the land is so expensive-thus, most of our homes are very small 'cause we can't afford it. Also, we've run out of places to go. USS, Sentosa, Ice skating, Escape themepark, Picnic, lan, pool, watch a movie, eat and all those normal shit. That's all. What else is there? Sigh. Howeverrrrr, there's also the good side to Singapore.. Which is the lifestyle, safety, and that everyone knows everyone. The lifestyle of Singaporeans are much more respectful, safe, and secure compared to the lifestyle in the US.
But sometimes, that's what makes it boring here in good ol' Singapore.

So here're some of the outfits which caught my eye.

And dafuk- Why do Americans look so old? This girl's only fourteen.

I love the coat and the thick scarf.

Oh god i love how she matched everything together.

The coat.

The red.

I love the knit and the purple velvet bottom.

I actually saw this knitted top on sale before. I regret not buying it.

Oh how i wish Singapore had Autumn :-(


Guys should wear knits + skinny jeans

I love knits.

" You can't look back; you have to keep looking forward. " - Lucy Liu


Didn't go out today. I stayed home to get my blogshop ready!
I woke up at..... 4pm HAHA YES i know. I. Am. A. Pig. But who cares!!! Hehehehe anywayyyyy
TheNakedMayhem has finally launched it's first collection!!!! So go check it out and support everybody!!! :-))

Tuesday: 22.11.11
Sam came over and we got ready and left for the studio to take the photos for the blogshop! She stayed over ;-)

are flying


Fail jumpshot :-(


Wednesday: 23.11.11
Met Rowell, Ericia and Spencer at Cineleisure for dinner at Pastamania. Unfortunately i ate already so i just ate potato salad there hehehe. ACTUALLY I do not like Pastamania at all. To me, it sucks. The food really sucks. All except the Potato waffles :-( Sighz. Walked around and shit after that, late at night we went to sit outside Orchard Central to talk. They had fun bullying me- telling me ghost stories and shit. :-( They scared me and i jumped super badly and cried. HAHAHAH oh man, i'm such a coward. Anyway, i bumped into Gabby and Caleb! They were skating around town at 1am in the morning. Amazing. 
Walked to Shaw's 24hr MCdonalds afterwards. Went home at 3am-Which was 2hrs later than what my mom asked me to go home that night. Therefore i was grounded :-((((( BUT she changed her mind and made my curfew 11pm for the rest of the holidays instead. Fffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

Rowell, Ericia

Potato saladddd

Apple Crumble

ugh* sorry it's blur. Loser didn't know how to take a picture ;-) hehe nah jkkssss

Ericia, Spencer

Thursday: 24.11.11
Went ice skating with Ashley, Jsmn, Caleb and Gabby todaiiiii. Charlene joined us there!
After ice skating we decided to watch Breaking Dawn!!!!!!! Omfg. It was. Super. Good. Well, not as good as the book, but it was really good. I rate it 9/10!!! Unfortunately i saw the ratings online and they were really bad. I don't get it. I found it amazing! I love Robert Pattinson in the Twilight Saga. I really do!!! I think he's super good looking in the movies, but in real life.... Meh :/ HOWEVER. Taylor Lautner. Is damn hot. His body is GAHGHAERKJGNAEKJGN amazing butttt i don't think he's handsome. And look at the orgasmic photo of Robert Pattinson and Megan Fox. This is just amazing/gorgeous/stunning/hot/beautiful/sexy.



Ashley, Gabby, me

Cute little golden-haired boy on the left hehehe

Saturday: 26.11.11
Went to Azzura to tan with Ashley today! It was kinda shit because the sun was on/off. It actually rained for a little while. Lucky for us, after we left, it started raining heavily. Hahhahaha.
Left Azzura to meet Chen, Retnam Jr, Retnam Sr, ll and Simeon afterwards for lan & some pool.

So i left early, at like 8pm because it was damn boring. Went to Nex to get some stuff then met Ericia!!! She came over to my house and we watched two movies. 'A Walk To Remember' and 'The Notebook'. It was my first time watching A Walk To Remember and it was suuuper good. I didn't cry tho, all because Ericia kept chanting 'Cry! Cry! Cry!' THEREFORE, i did not. However, it was already my 3rd time watching The Notebook, and i cried. Four times. I used up 1/2 my tissue box!! Ryan Gosling. Is. Just... Wow. Just wow. He's so handsome and good looking and hot and sexy and LKEJGAEHGRKJAEG OH MAAAAAA GAD.
She left my house at around 2.40am!

Ashley, me


lawl i was talking on the phonez

Ashley, me, Simeon

Julianc, Simeon

Retnam Jr

Simeon, Llewyn

" I guess one of the worst feelings in the world is loneliness. "