Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Winnie's 18th

I'm sorry that I've been too busy for the past few months to meet up. However, I'm glad that you had a great time at dinner with me and minz and not forgetting your surprised face when when i appeared at night ;) We've been through quite a bit together since Secondary 2, and despite being in different schools, we always take the effort to update each other and to keep this friendship alive whenever we can during the holidays and whatnot. Even though we're not talking to each other 24/7, whenever we meet it all feels the same, and that's what i really love! Everything else that i want to say is basically in the letter (that i have yet to pass you i'm sorry). 
I love you Winnie! And i really hope you like the double Swarovski necklace that i got you.
Happy blessed 18.
You're finally legal.

Crop Top - Topshop
Zipper Bandage Skirt - H&M
Platform Heels - Topshop
Chain Necklace - Topshop
Bracelet - Marc by Marc Jacobs

Dinner @ PS. Cafe @ Paragon
Portobello Mushrooom Soup

Roast Beef

PS. Burger Club

Signature House Salad

Golden Banana Butterscotch Cake
I swear this is the best shit ever.

Double Chocolate Blackout Cake
This is suuuuper huge and delicious as well.

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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Rest Day Out

Crop Top - Topshop
Shorts - Online
Shoes - Online
Necklace - Topshop
Cuff - Bangkok, Thailand

Met the breastbest friends for some shopping, followed by dinner at Bugis!
Bought a shittttt load of stuff as compared to the amount of things they bought. Oh my $$$$ but it's okay, i love what i bought! I'll probably be uploading a haul video on my blog soon - once i find the time to actually edit it... Sigh, have recently been super busy with camps and dance!

Renee & Sam!

Oh yeah guys!
My dance competition (SDD; Singapore Dance Delight 2014) is held at the Vivo City Amphitheater on the 26th of April! Doors open at 4pm and they're only letting in the first 800 people! My dance crew's name is Legit X and that's our hand sign below! So please do come early to get a seat and support us! :)

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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Affordable Gelish Nails

Hi guys!
I have some awesome information to share with all you manicure/pedicure lovers!
Are you tired of having to repaint your nails after a few days because your nail polish has chipped off? Well, it's time for you to get yourself some gelish nails! Or have you always refrained yourself from doing gelish because of it's price? Gelish nails usually cost about 50-80 dollars + at usual salons around Singapore. 
But fret not! I have an awesome deal to introduce to you guys, so read on! ;) 

Mynte Fingers is a home based nail salon located at Yishun!
I went down last Thursday to get my nails done. I actually sent her a picture of how I wanted my nails to be a few days before our appointment and she got the things needed ready for me.

Some example nail palettes she has of various designs!
I love the VS & the banana one HAHA so cute.

Them gelish bottles!

The strong LED gel light machine she used to set the gelish!
It's stronger than the usual LED machines used at normal salons.

A close-up of my nails

And these are her rates!
SUPER cheap right?! It's practically half the price of a normal salon's. Super affordable!
And one more thing;
For my readers, if you quote my name, "Ellena", you can get $5 off your total bill!
So a classic gel manicure would only be $30!!! It's a super good deal.
Do visit http://myntefingers.blogspot.sg/ for more information on how to book an appointment now!
Also, do like her Facebook page here and follow her on Instagram at @myntelicious!

On another note, here's my outfit which i wore out to film for an upcoming series on Mousetraptv.com called Variety King!
More photos which i took on that day will be posted in the next blog post! :)

Super pretty right my nails?!?!??! I love them.
Thank you Mynte Fingers! :)

Top - Sponsored by Lalaland
Leather Cutout Shorts - Nastygal
Platforms - Jeffrey Campbell's Nextrane
Necklace - Topshop
Bracelet - Mom's

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