Saturday, 24 December 2011

” I just want to feel how it’d be like to have someone you love, love you back. The warmth of them holding you close. The touch of their lips against yours. “

Late Polaroids + Fashion Post




" I like being small - I've known so many women with big boobs who feel overweight or end up with back problems. " - Eva Longoria

Jeans + Booties for Christmas

Saturday: 17.12.11
Went over to Lucas' to swim with 10+ others! His house is still gorgeous as ever.Winnie followed me home at around midnight! She stayed over ;-)


Delicious fruity pebbles

Monday: 19.12.11
Catched up Dhiya @ Starbucks today! Haven't seen her in ages. We left for the MRT as she supposed to come over to my house, only to have the train delayyy. So we waited in the train for about 10minutes, then we decided to go over to the opposite side instead to take two trains. However, when the train arrived, that train delayed too!!!!!! Oh gosh* We gave up and left to check out Abercrombie & Fitch where we took a polaroid with a sexy A&F model (hehe). The store was amazing! The light was dim and the music was on, pictures of men everywhere. It felt like being in a gay bar, really! Walked around town a little longer afterwards and we took a bus over to Dhoby Gaut where we played a game of Bishi Bashi and took a few photos ;-).

H&M Knit, TNM Cross Necklace, TSR Red Hws, Vintage Dr Marts, Topshop Bag

Red Velvet Cupcakesss

Tuesday: 20.12.11
Had dance rehearsals in the morning, went home, got ready, and went out to meet Huicheng for lunch at Javiers'! Went to Cineleisure Scape to take photosssss. Spencer and Kelvan came to meet us and we went to play Spricket @ Cineleisure!......... Well the guys did. HAHA Huicheng & i didn't really wna play cause we didn't know how!
Anyway, we watched Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol afterwards!!! It wasn't........ As good as i expected. But i guess it was okay! I give it a 7 out of 10!


H&M Tank, TSR Red HW Jeans, $90 Booties, Topshop bag

Wednesday: 21.12.11
Had a Christmas dinner with Celestine, Sam, Huicheng and Shankai @ Oriole Cafe bar today! Dena came after we ate and we headed to Jones The Grocer @ Mandarin Gallery for dessert! I ordered a Strawberry Shortcake. It was delishhhhh. However, expensive.
Wore my (both new) Xmas top & Newlook jeans with my booties today!!! Love them both. I'm selling my Xmas top tho cause i don't think i'll be wearing it again. :-) $30! Anyone interested? Check out other stuff i'm selling here!

Celeste's Curry Fish!

My Fish & Chips!

Celeste, me, Sam, Huicheng

Retards photo-bombing at the back :p

Kai, Celeste, Sam, me




Thursday: 22.12.11
Had my dance performance today in school!!! It went great. :-)
Ate pepperlunch @ Junction 8 with a few others after, YUM. Sam came over to my house afterwards and we had tuition!! Gonna start having tuition 'cause school is starting soon! :p Once this week, once next! And when school starts.. It's gonna be twice a week. Sigh* 'N' lvls next year.

Friday: 23.12.11
Christmas dinner @ my Grandparents' today!! Lots of foooood, which included some delicious Turkey, Lasagna, Ham, Potato salad, Spagetti, Beehoon, Bread & Butter pudding and a few other things!!! Photos next time when my sister has uploaded them!

" I like friends who are honest and loyal. They also shouldn't be afraid to be a kid. I like having fun. " - Vanessa Hudgens