Thursday, 14 August 2014

Best Friend's Birthday Surprise

14 . 07 . 2014
Her surprise

  Here's a short video of the surprise I did with my best friend for my other best friend :) 
Sorry for the shit quality - it was taken on an iphone and transferred to a computer to edit.

18 . 07 . 2014
Her celebration

So here are my three best friends:
 (From left to right: Sharon, Renee, Sam)

And it was this girl's birthday celebration!

So here's how we planned out her 18th:
We surprised and brought her (to Vivocity) to ride the cable car (to Mt Faber) for the first time in her life, then treated her to dinner at this restaurant called Spuds & Aprons which had the most spectacular view. I loved the ambiance of the place as much as I loved that we forced her to wear a tiara the entire day in commemoration of her special day ;)


dat eye tho

After dinner, we rode the cable car back to Vivocity where her boyfriend and friends were waiting with a birthday cake! (A small one of course, since she would have already been full from dinner)

It was so funny though. 'Cause they were all outside the entrance of Vivocity but I didn't know exactly where. So we tricked Renee saying that Sharon had to buy a product from Khiel's for her mom and the portable Khiel's van was at the entrance of Vivo (it actually was).
So when we exited the entrance, we found that the van/store was already closed, and her boyfriend&friends were nowhere to be found. It was a fml wru moment ahhhh, then Renee said that there was a Khiel's store inside the mall too so they walked back into the mall heading towards the store while I stayed outside to give the bf a call. Once I got their location, I ran back to catch up with them and faked a scene where I saw one of our old friends outside so I got them to exit the mall once again and when we were looking around for that "old friend", the bf sneaks up behind her and plants a kiss on her cheek ;)

 da bf, Nigel

Headed to Clarke Quay after where Darren joined us for some drinks!

 Chicken Tendersssssss yum

 Darren arrived with this slice of oreo cheesecake for me yay *u*

Aaaaaaaaaand we got the birthday girl to drink this highly inappropriate blowjob shot HAHAHA well that was fun.


Sam's birthday is coming in September.
I can't wait to carry out my plan ;)


" Friends that you know you will grow up with "

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