Sunday, 15 June 2014

Tell me your secrets

Photos taken by Celestine Wong

Here are a few shots taken by my friend Celeste a few months ago for her portfolio. Had a blast taking them, I love the concept!

Well my Common Tests are finally over (thank god) and I can't wait to spend my time worry-free. Okay actually, who am i kidding? I only have two weeks of holidays, HAHA. But I've had quite a lot on my mind lately and it's really been making me an emotional blob. Some time off my studies would be fantastic right now. 
On a brighter note, that means that I will definitely be updating this space more often now that I have more free time. Do await more posts coming up!

Alsooo, I'm featured in a new series called Variety King with my fellow Mousetrap cuties: Amanda, Parisa and Grace! The first episode is finally up on!!!!!! The first episode has Lindsay and Chrysan as our special guests too! Check out the video here ;)

" Tell me your secrets, till we see hints of the next day. "