Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The BF's Birthday

Today was a really long, hasty, and exhausting day for me. But it was definitely worth it. :)
So I woke up at 10am, got ready, and rushed out of my house. I tricked Darren into thinking I was at school but no - I was actually travelling back-and-forth getting everything ready! So I traveled from Lorong Chuan to Yishun to collect something needed for his birthday, then traveled all the way down to Kent-Ridge to get another thing. From there, I took the train to Holland Village where I got the balloons and then I traveled to Singapore Poly to surprise him! I reached the school at approximately 1pm, which was the time he ended class~


After I had lunch with him & friends, I lied to him again (lying is fine when it's to the other's benefit ok :p) and said I had to rush back to school for a lecture, but I actually had to rush home to prepare for his big surprise. I was heading towards the MRT when he said, "Aren't you taking bus? There's a straight bus to your school". I replied with an 'ooooooh ya', hugged him goodbye, and hid behind the pillar until he left then sneaked to the MRT hehe

Rushed all the way back home and prepared the lights for his birthday which took me agessssss to do. Below is one of the type of lights that I got from Taobao just for this special occasion!

Can you imagine how pretty it would all look when it's lit? :')
So I brought it to the balcony and switched it on and it looked soooo good. But y'know what? It DIED after 10 minutes.

It was actually expensive so FML, I was so pissed. But anyway moving on, I prepared the food! Yes, I cooked. I met up with a friend beforehand and he taught me how to cook just for Chan's birthday! It was actually the first time in my entire life cooking a legit meal (not counting all the maggi mee & oven/toaster/microwave-ready food) and I swear, it turned out super good!!





Chef Young hard at work

I only prepared the prawns before I had to rush to shower and head out towards Chinatown for a meeting with the Mousetrap team!
When I arrived back home afterwards, it was already about 7+pm. Rush rush rush!!!!

so glam

I also added Parsley on top to finish the look but I was too in a rush to take a photo :(

Delicious S'mores for dessert!

Once I was done doing up all the food, I hurried to set the balcony with everything and waited for the birthday boy to come over.
I made him think that I made reservations at a fancy restaurant and that I was running late thus asking him to come over to my place first to accompany me while I got ready.

Selfie #1

Selfie #2

Took a few photos before pretending to rush upstairs to pack my bag. I was actually lighting up all the candles! Called him up a little while later frantically asking him to help me find something and then when I "found it", I wished him a happy birthday and said some other stuff and then brought him to my father's balcony(got a favor from the pops and he went out for the evening).
And..... VoilĂ ! The Romantic Candle-lit Dinner :)

Ignore the lame appetizer, it was to trick him into thinking that's all for dinner HAHA
I ate two nuggets only tho 'cause I was super full from all the food-testing while cooking.

My boyfriend's a designer, so on top of everything, I got him a sketch book and decorated a few pages at the back, here's a sneak peek of 1/3rd of it!

Sorry my art skills aren't all that good HAHAHA well I tried :')
And that marks the end of my surprise for him! Happy 19th birthday baby, I really hope you loved everything like how I love you - dayumn, that was smooth ;) ok bye everything is in the letter alr 

" And then you realized that he's the future"

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