Friday, 17 October 2014

Something Different

So I visited J7image two days ago and gave my hair an extreme color makeover! Let me take you through the entire process J

 I absolutely love these biscuits that they give :))

Imagine if I stayed this color... I feel like Sun Wukong

 They put on this Smoothing Hair Lotion for me and I swear my hair is super smooth now!!!

Aaaaand the boyfriend being a retard ahaha

Voilà! I'm done!

And yes, here's something for my readers!
Mention my name, "Ellena" at J7image to get a FREE Membership Card!
PERKS: Up to 35% OFF services during your birthday month, and up to 10-15% OFF on regular days!

I'll also be giving away 10 J7image Vouchers to 10 lucky readers!

To take part in this giveaway,
Simply comment on my Instagram post here with your NAME & EMAIL, and answer ONE of the following three questions:
1. How many hairstylists does J7image have?
2. Which hairstylist would you like your hair to be done by?
3. J7image will be closed on which date of every month?

All the best!

" When I wake up I'm afraid, somebody else might take my place. "

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