Monday, 24 March 2014

MousetrapTV x Photoshoot

!!! Some of you may already have known, I've just recently joined a blogger agency called Mousetrap!

Mousetrap is basically a blogger agency which manages and features a number of bloggers (10-15) on it's online TV site I feel so blessed to have been approached by them to be a part of this! There is going to be a number of shows up on the site, some of which has already been aired, so go check them out! I will be in "Variety King" with my fellow bloggers Amanda, Parisa and Grace, so stay tuned!!! 

Moving on, here's pictures from the day of the shoot for my portfolio!

Hair done by my hair stylist, J.Tang, at J7image!

With the girls Cherie, Alicia, Grace & Amanda before heading over to the studio!
(from left to right)

Playing with Alicia's fisheye lens hehe I've still yet to get one of these :'( 

Cherie! She makes me feel like a midget whenever i stand beside her 'cause she's extremely tall. 
#lifeofashortie #foreverfeelingshort #foreverneedingheels

Amanda! She laughs at my jokes. I like. HAHAHA

Amanda & Lindsay~

It was really great meeting half of the Mousetrap girls! They're all so nice, friendly and pretty!
And not to mention, extremely helpful!! I practically have zero knowledge on how to use makeup. My usual makeup routine is normally just face moisturizer, concealer, blush, then lip color and I'm done. Super lousy right! So on the day of the shoot, they told me that the lighting of the photoshoot is very harsh and they recommended me to put on more makeup 'else my face would look very bare! So they helped me put on abit of makeup like professionals; gosh do they know their products!!! I felt so shitty tho HAHA I just stood there and watched all of them like a noob :') But I still refused to put on eyeliner because I think I look weird with it on heh. I really admire all of them though, makeup really takes a lot of time to put on and take off everyday, and to actually have the patience to do so is quite amazing. Unlike me, I really couldn't be bothered to put on much makeup, I'm just way too lazy!!! :(
Ah well,

" Never allow waiting to become a habit. Live your dreams and take risks. Life is happening now. "

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