Wednesday, 19 March 2014

A New Change

I've been wanting to get my hair dyed again because my roots were growing out and my hair was starting to look bad. Thanks to J7image for the sponsorship, I was finally able to do so!

So I've gotten my hair dyed bright! Okay, not the whole head, but still! It was a really bold move for me because (if you know me personally) you would know that i'm actually a super big coward and I'm really afraid to take risks. I'm always like the safe type HAHA well, most of the time.

The team at J7image was really friendly and helpful! I didn't have an idea in mind on how I wanted my hair makeover to be, unlike the other bloggers who came in knowing what they wanted. My hair stylist, J.Tang, slowly discussed with me his ideas for my hair and we came to a decision - 3 Layers and 3 colors;  Violet, Red & Burgundy.

He bleached the bottom layer of my hair first and dyed it violet (First time ever bleaching my hair \'o'/)

Next! Time for the red hair dye for the second layer!

I look so retarded HAHA

And even more retarded here ;')
Lastly, the darker burgundy on the top and we're done!



You can't really see the layers properly.. 
So here!

First Layer: Violet

Second layer: Red

Last Layer: Burgundy

So what do you think about my new hair color? Comment on this post and let me know your thoughts! :)

P.S: A special treat for all my readers!
My readers are entitled to 20% off the total bill!! 
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Far East Plaza Singapore 228213

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On a side note, I wouldn't be blogging until after Saturday 'cause I'll be in camp! 

+++ I'm looking for someone who is able to give my blog a whole new (nice) layout!

" A woman's hair is her crown " - Shon Stoker

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  1. The hair colour is really nice! Nice combination!