Monday, 10 March 2014

Minz 18

I really hope you enjoyed your birthday and that you were surprised last night when Winz & I came to surprise you at your place! I hope you enjoyed our little adventure that we planned for you that led to you being ambushed with water balloons HAHAHA I'm sorry your security guard had to be such a dick ugh the floating candles would've looked amazing :'( but nonetheless! I hope you liked the surprise and the Marc Jacobs necklace we bought for you + the Nastygal dress I gave you! Well, everything else I wanna say is already in the letter I gave you. 
So yeah, love you :) xx


" You dont give up on the people you love "


  1. AHHHH Ellena you're too sweet :') love you love you love you love you thank you for planning everything with Winnie. Last night was my first bday surprise and it'll definitely be the hardest to beat. Here's to many more celebrations together. Till we're old and have babies HAHAHHA (yes I've read your letter) thank you for everythingggggg <3

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