Saturday, 17 December 2011

It finally hit me that what happened- actually really happened.

Monday: 12.12.11
Went to MBS w/ 15 othersss ^_^ So many people got drunk (NOT ME) it was so funny. The pool is amazing at night!!!!!!!!!! I totally regret not bringing my bikini, i didn't swim. :-(((


Stacy, Yeeyin, me, Joyce, Danirah, Sherrie

Can u spot my wish? ^_^

Little nublet sean


Javier, Joyce, ^Newton, Danirah, me

Troy, me, Javier

Tuesday: 13.12.11
Went to watch New Years' Eve with Claire today! I honestly don't know why so many people didn't like it. It personally thought that it was super good! I cried hehehehe at the end when everyone was kissing each other and Hailey saw the guy she liked kissing the bitch :p Mmmmm i rate it 8/10! After the movie we went to the arcade which we played bishibashi 3x HAHAHA omg i'm crazy. Both of us headed back to my place afterwards to enjoy a few games of Monodeal ;-)

Thursday: 15.12.11
Met Anjelah, Amanda, Spencer, Sam and Rowell today! Ate pepperlunch(again...) and went to Playnation! Played there for 4hours then went to the arcade for another hour. Sam left afterwards and we headed to Scape Park beside Somerset to chillllll. Amanda had to leave at around 1 and we stayed there and talked about quite a few thingssss. Things that i didn't want to let out, got out in the open. And it finally hit me that what happened- actually really happened. 

Cabbed home with Ericia at 3am, i love her to bits ^_^

Spencer, me, Anjelah

By the way- To everybody,

You've got to be brave and SAY SOMETHING if there's something bothering you or if something's wrong. OR THEY'LL NEVER REALISE/KNOW. Because if you DON'T say anything then YOU'RE the one that's letting the friendship slowly sink. "

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