Thursday, 8 December 2011

Don't rush for things

Message of the day: DO NOT RUSH FOR THINGS.
Really. If you do, because you're either oh so very curious, or just want to fit in, or whatever shit, you'll regret it. If it's meant to happen, it will happen. And once it happens, you'll be so glad you've waited.

Sorry i've not been blogging much lately! I've been quiite busy since i've been going out like... Almost everyday :-s. And i just watched this thing on youtube about this guy hating his life and shit but being strong!! It really touched me and i think that everyone should go watch it HERE :-D

Anyway, i'm not going to evaluate much about the past few days cause... i'm... too.... lazy.. :( hehehe.

Monday: 28.11.11
Went all the way to cck today to pick up some stufffff then met claire to watch Happy Feet 2!!! It was a great movie. :-)

Cotton On Tank, Vintage Denim Shorts, Pleated Belt, F21 Style Checkered Top, Topshop Bag

Tuesday: 29.11.11
Went out with my mom for lunch & to buy stufffzzzzzzzzz hehe i love my mom

Thursday: 1.12.11
Had dance rehearsals in the morning, went home and got ready and went to meet Sam, Andi and Amanda for lunch at Javiers'. Afterwards, we went to watch Puss In Boots!!!! It was such a kewwwttttt movie.

sam, me

sam, andi, amanda, me

i was ABOUT to smile :p

Andi doing his model shot

Friday: 2.12.11
Javiers' again with the two Julians'. Met Alexes, Mindy and Winnie afterwards for some arcadee :p

Hook Bralet, Vintage Denim Shorts, Pleated Belt, Cotton On Denim Shirt, Topshop Bag


Saturday: 3.12.11
Playnation with Jasmine, Mindy, Alexes and Kester. Played Quelf- which is a very fun game and i will play it again next time l0rli3x ;-) Travelled to Haji Lane for Shisha. I went, BUT I AM PROUD TO SAY i did not do it ^_^. Went back to Bugis to eat at the Food Junction and meet Julian^2 afterwards.
My Aunts' dog, Tiger came over!!!

Jasmine, me, Mindy.
(The tissue paper was part of the game...)

Quelf- Har har har he had to build a fort out of stuff until the next turn.

Jasmine, Mindy, Kester, Alexes, me

Kewl cup full of smoke
This is how i charged both my portable chargers + my phone. Hehehe

Mikey + Tiger


Sunday: 4.12.11 - Monday: 5.12.11
Well, these two days were very eventful and filled with a bunch of mistakes. What happened should very well stay there, so i shan't evaluate.
Anyway, me and a bunch of friends..... 7? people went over to stay at j's. Couldn't sleep so i stayed awake while everyone died on the bed/mattress. Stayed awake till about 9am on Monday to go home. Slept at 12 noon, woke up that night at 9pm. :p Had dance the next day so i slept again for two hours at 5am the next day................ God :-/

me, Winnie, Mindy

Alexes, me


my kewl bag

my kewl new shuz + socks

my shuz + mindy's shuz


jsmn, me

Tuesday: 6.12.11
Dance rehearsals in the morning, went home, got ready, left to meet Mindy and chen for dinner at T.G.I.F. Llewyn and Retnam joined us later on and we went to play pooool @ cine!

(Champion BBQ sauce, baby back ribs @ T.G.I.F)

Oh and i also bought this book for 32 bucks at Mandarin Gallery!!! It's damn cool ;-)

It's like shiny at the side!!(Pages)

Hopefully i stay faithful to this book for five years!!!!!!!! I really doubt i will tho.. Hehehe

" Basically, I believe the world is a jungle, and if it's not a bit of a jungle in the home, a child cannot possibly be fit to enter the outside world. " - Bette Davis

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