Friday, 11 November 2011

Oh it's 11/11/11 today

Saturday: 5.11.11
Met Sam, Sharon, Andi, Huicheng and Rylee for a Karaoke session in the morning in town!! It was really fun ;-)) Played Bishibashi afterwards at the arcade. Best. Arcade. Game. Ever. Afterwards Celestine and Dena came to join us for dinner at Graffiti Cafe. Walked around town afterwards.




Dancing around with Sharon hehehe:

There was also a scandalous photo of Sharon but we decided to delete it because it was too much hehehe...

Sharon, Sam, Celeste, Huicheng, Dena, me


Monday: 7.11.11
Went shopping with Jemima & Patriciaaaa

Tuesday: 8.11.11
Dance rehearsal

Thursday: 10.11.11
Went ice skating with Ashley, Gabby, Jasmine, Mindy, Winnie, Alexes and Caleb!! Haven't seen Winnie, Mindy & Alexes in ages. So it was good seeing them. :-) Ice skating was v fun hehe ;-)
After ice skating, Simeon came to join us to play at the arcade! Bishibashi!!!!!!!!!!! Hehe and i played Basketball with Alexes too. We were awesome. :-) he. hehehe.
We went to eat at KFC afterwards then bought movie tickets for One Day! Yes, we made it into the movie even tho most of us aren't 16. ;-) Cause. we're. cool. :-D
The movie was amazing. I swear it's damnnn good. 9/10. I cried like two times!!!!! Go and watch it, really. Gosh, Anne Hathaway is so pretty. Her eyes are gorgeoussssssss.

Mindy, Winnie, me, Ashley

I am a skating ballerina.


Alexes, Winnie, me, Mindy

Ashley, beautiful as always.

Back row: Caleb, Gabby, Ashley Jasmine.
First row: Simeon, Alexes, Winnie, me

"Maybe our mistakes are what make our fate." - Sarah Jessica Parker

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