Thursday, 17 November 2011

Just trying to get it out of my head

Things have been rather saddening lately. Just need to distract myself with anything possible. But i'm glad i did it. I'm happy for you.

Monday: 14.11.11
Met Yeeyin for lunch at 3pm! We ate at javier's. Yummmmz :-) After we ate, we went to the arcadeee then took photos at scape! I travelled all the way to Dover afterwards to meet Alexes, Winnie, Mindy, Brian and Lucas and we decided to go back to town-where i came from. SO we travelled back :-(. Went to Chambers but there wasn't space! Saw lau, tyrone n others there tho. We went to parklane instead to play L4D2!!!! Yeyyyyyyy :-) It was very fun!!! Jere and Lucas.T came by to say hi too ^_^ ps: winnie/mindy> U GUYS NEED MORE PRACTICE
We went to macdonalds to eat later on and prank called a few people. Funny. + GUYS I DID NOT KNOW THE MEANING OF "FACIAL" so don't judge!!!!!!! Anw, cabbed home at 11.30!!
No photos of @ night tho 'cause i did not bring my shitcameraaa

Onion ring :3

Tuesday: 15.11.11
Dance rehearsal in the morning!! God, was it tiring! 
My mom picked me up from school after rehearsal and we went to Toa Payoh! Ate lunch @ Delifrance. Tuna bagette. *drools* Went to do my brows afterwards and bought a few stuff then went homee.
Left the house to meet Sam at Bishan at 4pm. Walked around H&M then went to eat at javier's, again. Yes, i know i go there too often but it's so cheap + the food is delish so who cares!!! Went to the arcade afterwards, AGAIN. Hahhaha sigh, what can i say, i love the arcade. We played bishibashi until the end, twice, then went to meet Ericia, Aston, Spencer, Aik hong and Alvan for Playnation! Uglydoll+Taboo, which i both owned at. Hehehehe. Walked around awhile afterwards then headed to 313's food junction to sit down. Played half a game of Monopoly Deal there :p. At around 11+, me, Sam, Ericia and Spencer left the others to meet Stephen downstairs his house to hanggg. Sister picked me and Sam up from there at around 2.15am! Sam stayed over. Fun day ;-). 

Oh yeah! I also bumped into a whole lot of people that day!!! Let's see... Ziying, Cherlynn, Jolene, Kevin, Amanda, Angela, Diana, Loren, Haikel, Melvin, Shace, Gobinth, and about 3 more people... Whom i forgot. Sorry :p 


Aikhong, Aston

Aston, Ericia, Alvan, Aikhong, Spencer

Alvan trying to hide from the camera *awww






I MADE THIS SHIRT DURING D&T LAST YR. So cute right?!?!??!?! Hehehehe

I got bored so i started camwhoring with sam's camera hahaahhaah

So cute right ;-) The girl teddy's from Dave while the "guy" teddy's from Claire!!

My sexEfron Calendar!!!

Wednesday: 16.11.11
Waking up was fun. Played Sumo wrestling with Sam and alot of other crazy shit. Hahahha oh man i love her :-) She can cheer me up whenever i'm feeling down. BFFLz man

Me + Sam had Burger King for breakfast!!! Yumzzz omnomnom. So anyway, we decided to bake vanilla butter muffins today!!! From scratch! And.................... It was a c o m p l e t e failure. Omg, damn stupid. Because we both forgot to put in the most important ingredient.
Oh my shitttttttttttt i was so angry at myself. :-( So it had no taste and it was shit. + We practically like just wasted a ton of stuff!!!!!!! Sigh* Nevermind. Shan't beat myself up over this!!!! Shall try baking again tomorrow because Claire's staying over!!! Yeyyy ;-). Can't wait 'cause i haven't seen her in ages!!! Sad thing is, i have rehearsals, again tomorrow morningg!!! Aw man. I'm so lazy :-(

" You don't have to listen to those mean girls. They're just there to make you upset and make you feel bad about yourself. And you know, inside, they feel bad about themselves too. But they don't wanna admit it to anybody. " - Amanda Seyfried

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