Thursday, 7 January 2016

SOOZIP Korean Designer Fair

Dropped by Orchard Central last Thursday with my girls Charlotte & Melina to pay SOOZIP's Korean Designer Fair a visit!
For those of you who don't know what SOOZIP is, here's some background information..

Background Information
SOOZIP is the largest handmade designer association based in Korea consisting of 2500 registered designers. Currently, they have approximately 17 shops in Korea with different designers selling their own individual items!

In Jeju Island, they have these concept houses whereby everything in the house is hand-made by their designers and everything is for sale! That's right, think: toys, lights, pillows, blankets, towels.. Everything is for sale!! So it's kind of like Ikea where they showcase styled rooms and stuff but imagine a whole entire house HAHA. You have got to admit, that sounds pretty damn cool.

Plus, these houses actually work like a "hotel" as well where people can pay to stay there! (Don't worry, if you choose to buy anything there, there will be a brand new piece given to you hahahaha) They currently have 3 of these houses and you can expect 3 more coming up within the next 1-2 months. So do visit them over at Jeju Island if you ever travel to Korea! :)

Anyway, back to their Korean Designer Fair at Orchard Central... The fair is filled with many unique & pretty accessories which are ALL hand-made and brought all the way from the boutiques in Seoul! They also have a section at the corner which sells clothes as well. Here're some a lot of pictures of the items that they have available at the fair! 

These pretty little things can open!! You can store all your little rings in these, super cute!
Or guys, you can buy these for your girl and hide a secret note inside. ;)

All three of us love love love these little bracelets! They're too cute!

These glasses are bulletproof!! Which is freaking cool although I doubt I'll ever get shot at in the eye but I mean who knows? Extra protection is never bad. ;)

And well this is just me channeling James Bond vibes
"Come at me with yo guns"

Soooooo many pretty jewelleries!!

Saw something that caught your eye? Hurry plan your trip to OC soon because the SOOZIP Korean Designer Fair is only happening now until the 13th of January!!!

Korean Designer Fair

Orchard Central
181 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238896
Level 1 Atrium

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