Monday, 19 October 2015


Top: Hollyhoque
Denim Jeans: Online
Heels: City Plaza
Necklace: Swarovski
Bag: ShopKysse

Finally got to catch up with Chrysan!!! We've wanted to meet each other for months but something always crops up and we end up cancelling our plan to meet. So when we finally do see each other and help each other take pictures of our adverts... We forgot to take a picture with each other. HAHA #life. But I'm so happy that I got to see her, there were so many things to update each other about. It was a good day.

But anyway, I'm going to try to start blogging again more often - I promise I'll try this time! I have SO many photos and events over the past year that's just waiting to be posted... I'll get to them soon :)

" you fall in love with the little things about someone, like the sound of their laughter and the way their smile forms "

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  1. Love the outfit, especially the jeans! Can't wait for the updates. :)