Thursday, 15 January 2015


{ Crop Top and Belt from Topshop, Shorts from Cotton On, Jacket and Shoes - Parisa's, Hat from Stussy, Cuff from Bangkok, Necklace from Threeonetwofive c/o Space Invasion }

Stayed over at Parisa's with Constance after a meetup with a few of the MT girls after Christmas last year! We exchanged our Xmas presents yay (Secret Santa)!!!

Here's everyone with their presents hehe:

My secret santa was Parisa & she tricked me by letting me think she simply gave me sugar cookies but at the bottom was actually a Topshop giftcard! Hehe thank you so much Parisa <3 :)

And I gave Brenda a bunch of goodies! Hehe hope you liked the VS & the top! Love you xx

Had a crazy amount of fun with these girls playing around and talking about life. It's always a great time with y'all, glad I had the opportunity to meet each and every one of you girls.



Submissions, presentations and projects have been taking quite a lot out of me lately. And especially since Finals are round the corner, the stress has just been piling up :( Have soo much to do, but so little time. Plus, the fever that I've recently caught couldn't have been at the worst time.
Life recently sucks at the moment, but I guess,

" If there're no shitty days, then there would be no appreciation for the good days when it comes. "

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