Thursday, 17 July 2014

Birthday Party #2

26 . 05 . 2014

Had a really great time celebrating my birthday with the PFP kids!
I would like to thank all of them again for coming and especially my FPBA family (those who came & stayed till late). :)

Kindly welcoming people into my home because I'm such an amazing host ;)

FPBA Familyyyyyyyyy

My photographer in school last year HAHA

Richard & Nigel

Steph & Daphne


Ivan & Nigel


Wei Min, Sze Siang, Jing De

Jing De

Left to Right:
Bottom Row - Qamarul, Ivan, Fiqkry, Suhailah, Ben
Middle Row - Erika, Rachel, Aline, Wei Min
Top Row - Jing De(on stairs), Yu Wei

Ben, Suhailah, Steph

" Sometimes, the way you think about a person isn't the way they actually are. "
- John Green

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