Sunday, 17 February 2013

Happy Chinese New Year!

 photo PM4A0035_zps026baf70.jpg
 photo PM4A0018_zps65d8045b.jpg
 photo PM4A0041_zpsdfeccb3f.jpg
 photo PM4A0043_zps47a09cf6.jpg
 photo PM4A0061_zps97444d09.jpg
 photo PM4A0053_zps878cd00a.jpg
 photo PM4A0048_zps872f9bae.jpg
 photo PM4A0056_zps14b8deab.jpg
 photo PM4A0037_zpsc13bf7b0.jpg
 photo PM4A0059_zpsa9f48427.jpg
 photo PM4A0062_zpsd078ff8f.jpg

" So we lay in the dark, cause we've got nothing to say. Just the beating of hearts, like two drums in the grey. "

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