Monday, 22 October 2012

Sunflower Stories

Those of you who had followed me on Instagram have probably seen this outfit before when i posted it up awhile ago while i was in Bangkok. Hehe, the matching sunflower top and bottom was so cute, i couldn't resist wearing it for the second time! Was so glad when i saw a girl selling it on my Facebook homepage. I immediately contacted her to purchase it hahaha yay :)
Had lunch with the girls, Renee, Sharon and Rylee at Somerset's Coffee Bean~

" The world is nothing but a surprise waiting to happen. " 
- Ryan


  1. Hi, would you be willing to sell it since you've worn it twice already? :)

  2. could you kindly recommend some nice online shops to support? :)

  3. @Anon2: hehe

  4. Hi!!! I just chanced upon your blog, and going thru your archives! Are you selling this outfit?
    Mail me!