Sunday, 10 June 2012

Clubbing Curls

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First time curling my hair with a curling iron!!! Nice? :-) Do i look better in straight/curled hair? I'm thinking of perming and dying my hair at the end of the year! I'm thinking of like a sort of Ombre effect with the top of my hair black and then pastel pink-ish at the bottom, with permed hair. Saw it on a girl on Insta once and i loved it!! I want the top of my hair to be black so that i don't have to keep touching up the roots whenever my hair grows.. Hmm :-) 
First time going clubbing toooooo. Sadly, the underage one. Hahaha sigh. It was fun, but there were too many Malays!!! I have NOTHING against Malays, don't get me wrong. But i just felt sorta out of place. It was fun though!! After awhile. Loosened up a little and danced. :-) It was totally opposite of what i expected though, it isn't like what you see on those American movies/shows. I guess it would be kinda obv that it wouldn't be the same as in this case, it's Asian clubbing. lollll kinda a let-down but it was still alright in the end.
Going to the event at Powerhouse tomorrow, see you guys there if any of you are going too! But i'll prolly be kinda awks since it'll only be my second time.. Gna take me awhile to loosen up hahaha esp. since i'm going with Sam(gna be her first time)!!!!! (Altho i'm also going with experienced people)

" When there's resistence in your body, it's only because of the resistence in your mind. " - Lisa Bonet


  1. hey can i ask where did you go for the underage clubbing? Please reply thanks :)

  2. @Anon:
    Hey i went to The Harem @ Azzura yesterday for the underage clubbing event of WYS!

  3. do they sell alcohol? and is it a one time thing only?

  4. @Anon:
    Yes they do sell alcohol but it's hella expensive. And you can't buy it/drink it in there unless you're over 18. Yeah it's a one time thing but there'll be other events.

  5. cant wait to see you at powerhouse tomorrow pretty

  6. Where are ur shoes that u wore on FRIDAY, 8 JUNE 2012 from? :)

  7. @Anon(3):
    Next time just comment on the post that you wanna ask about! :-)
    They're from an online shop i bought quite awhile ago.. If i'm not wrong they were about 50$+!