Monday, 9 January 2012


Sorry for not blogging much! Been busy :p

Thursday: 22.12.11
Performed for our Schools' Open House!!

Friday: 23.12.11
XMAS Gathering with the fams

Saturday: 24.12.11
Had an XMAS dinner w/ Llewyn, Walter, Winnie, Alexes, Mindy, Ashley, Simeon + Jsmn!!
Fucking madness @ Cineleisure near midnight. Hhahahaherjghakjerngkjaenrg

Ash + Jsmn!



Da g4lz

Mindy + Winnie!

Alexes + Winnie!

Sunday: 25.12.11
XMAS celebration w fammssss

Monday: 26.12.11
Went out w/ Huicheng & Andi today!

Tuesday: 27.12.11
Went out w/ Winnie and shopped @ Topshop! Bought a bikini ;-). Met Mindy + Richard awhile, then went for dinner with a few others.

Wednesday: 28.12.11
Night @ Fairmont with a bunch of friends; drama, madness and regrets. It was crazy, but memorable.

Ashley's qt socks from Topshop

lol llewyn

Thursday: 29.12.11
Had a family dinner and went to play L4D2 @ Chambers with my cousins/sisters, where i bumped into hadi & mw hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Friday: 30.12.11
Went to Sentosa and had a mini picnic with Sam on the beach. It was so funny b'cause we didn't have a mat..... We bought like a packet of garbage bags and laid it out on the sand and sat on it. HAHAHA OH MAN. How embarrassing :3.
Headed to town to meet Chen, llewyn, geliang, tim, gab and others to chillaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Saturday: 31.12.11 - Sunday: 1.1.2012
Stayed + Countdown-ed @ Sentosa with Spencer, aston, aikhong, alvan, sam, ericia and kelvan. ekargnaeklrjgnkaerjgnkaejngk emotional + crazy night.
Pictures next time!

In the evening on the 1st, i went to meet j^3>jsmn,chen,retnam + Simeon @ Marina sqqqqqqq. Watched The Darkest Hour. It wasn't really goooood.......................

Wednesday: 4.1.12
Spencer's birthday today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BDAY BRUTHA <3
Had a celebratory lunch with him, sam, ericia, aston, brian, jolene, aikhong, alvan and kelvan @ Din Tai Fung!!! Omg lol Spencer had to swallow a mouthful of a mixture of alot of thingsssss added together. UGHHH. so gross. but funny.

Thursday: 5.1.12 
H2H Lunch w/ Sharon @ Swensons.

Friday: 6.1.12
Met Chen, llewyn and retnam for lunch + pooooool.

Saturday: 7.1.12 
Went out w mom to do my eyebrowwsssssss yey neat brows ^_^

Sunday: 8.1.12 

" One can not love without opening oneself, and opening oneself, that's taking the risk of suffering. One does not have control. " - Isabelle Adjani

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