Monday, 21 November 2011

I'm back in Tumblr!

Today's my relax day!!!! Cancelled plans a few days ago so i could relax today. I've been practically going out everyday for the past two weeks. And i'm exhausted :p Hehe. 
I've started up my Tumblr again!!!!! GaIzZzZ  go check it out!!!!
If you guys still don't know the meaning of "Cheri, tu es belle", it means "Darling, you're beautiful". And if any of you have Tumblr and wants me to check your blog out, just post your link on my formspring and i will!! If we have similar interests and i like it, then i'll follow! :-) 
OHHHHH + A little update on my upcoming blogshop: I'm going to take the photos tomorrow! So stay tuneddddd everyone ♥ ♥ ♥
-Btw sorry for the crap pictures down below, i was using a crappy cameraaaaaa

Thursday: 17.11.11
Claire came over to stayover today, baked Vanilla buttered cupcakes and Blueberry muffins. Both from scratchh ;-)


Blueberries + flour


Saturday: 19.11.11
Stayed over Alexes' house today. Many people came and left, only 7 stayed over.
 The highlight of today was the drinking i guess. Not many people got high. I, for one, did not. It's quite funny because i get high easily and everyone expected me to be the first to get high. Buttt i did not!!! I realized it's because i ate before i drank. Apparently if you drank on an empty stomach, you'll get high faster. And the past few times i drank on an empty stomach. This time i didn't!! Alexes' mom ordered KFC for all of us for dinner. :-) 
Sooo it was fun because we played drinking games and Chen & Retnam got drunk HAHAHAHAH. Chen puked while Retnam just kept singing. There's actually a video of Retnam being all drunk and it's really funny/embarrassing. But he begged me not to post it and being the kind angel that i am, i decided to fulfill his wish.
Walked to macs at 1am with a few people. It was a 30minute walk there and another 30minutes back. God, it felt like ages. Tried to sleep at around 5am? but my mind was there all along, i couldn't sleep 'cause it was too squeezy and uncomfortable. Lets see. There was 5 people on the bed and 3 people on the floor. Sigh :/
Gave up at around 8am and went for breakfast with chen retnam ll and simeon at Subway, leaving Winnie and Alexes sleeping comfortably on the bed :-(
Cabbed with simeon afterwards and reached home at around 11. Uploaded the photos onto facebook, slept at 12.30pm!! Woke up today- at 8.22am. Slept for practically 20hours!!!! Madness.


Alexes, Darryl, Lucas, me


Mindy, Lucas, me

Alexes' cutie hairy dog


Winnie, mindy, me

me, Chen, Llewyn



" All women do have a different sense of sexuality, or sense of fun, or sense of like what's sexy or cool or tough. " - Angelina Jolie

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