Monday, 17 October 2011

We are very cool B-)

School today was a total bore. There was this program in school where they teach all the sec1 and sec3 students Malay, Chinese & Indian dance. It was really damn fail because they taught the two whole levels at once in the hall and everyone was so bored, god it was boring. And afterwards we had to choreograph our own dance to that music!!! SO I'm not going to school tomorrow. And Wednesday. Sighhh.

Anyway Sharon, Huicheng & Rylee came over to my place after school and we took lots of pictures. We took two vids too ^_^ Check it out!!!

We are very cool.

HAHAHAAH OMG!!! I look like a small cheeky china boy here.... ^

Typical asian ^

"Y'know what? This is what I go by: It doesn't matter how good-looking a guy is, it just depends on his personality. If a guy can make you laugh and make fun of you, then that's what would win me over." - Rachel Bilson

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