Monday, 10 October 2011


Was an hour late to meet Ashley today. I shall say it one more time- I'm so sorry!! :-S, sigh. Why must i always take so long to get ready? Anyway, we went to Ion and ate at Itacho Sushi. Yummmyyy, but so expensive. :-( Kimberly Chow came with Wenbin to say hi too! They look really cute together :-)
Walked over to Cineleisure Scape where we did our airbrush tattoo!!!!!!!!
It's so funny because we tricked so many people and told them that it was real, and most people believed!!! I did a unicorn on my back while Ashley did a leopard on her arm. Now she thinks she's a gangsta...... I don't even dare to pierce my ear, let alone get a tattoo!!! Sigh, i hope i'll be able to pierce my year during the eoy hols :-s

Played @ the arcade for an hour(i own everybody in bishibashi) and i left Ashley and met up with Ericia and Spencer at Cineleisure. Went to Playnation again and played a few games. Yet again, i owned in Uglydoll and Taboo... Oh yeah Spencer said that he could win me in bishibashi. We'll see about that!!!!!
Watched Johnny English after that, god was it funny! :-) It was already 11.30pm and Ericia sent me home(what a sweetie).

Ashley's tattoo!

"I'm afraid of everything. But maybe when you're afraid of everything, it sort of seems like you're scared of nothing." - Natalie Portman

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