Sunday, 30 October 2011

Stop letting fear rule your life

Wednesday: 26.10.11
Outfit of the day: Grey knitted top -H&M, Mid-waist red jeans -TSR, Crotchet flats -H&M
Met Sharon for a movie-The Time at Cathay! I was....... So late. :-S Anyway the movie was suuuuuper good i swear!!!!! Rate it a 9.1/10 hehe.
We ate at Astons' afterwards, then we headed back to Plaza Sing where i finally bought a new wallet!!!!!!!!!!! From Charles And Keith, yey yey yey yey, +++++ IT WAS ON SALE!!! It's Hot Pink and i love it!!! ^_^


Thursday: 27.10.11
LAST DAY OF SCH: only took one photo haahha omg so pathetic :-s

Friday: 28.10.11
Dance performance

Saturday: 29.10.11
Went to NEX>Vivo and ate at the Marche thereeeeeee, i only ate mashed potatoes and a bite of Jasmine's crepe. Went to Sentosa afterwards with the whole grouppppp> Ashley, Jasmine, Kimberly, Khairil, Lucas, Gabby, Abdullah, lc, Jere, and ahhhh the othersssssssssss. I'm too lazy to list them all.
Left at 6.30 and went to meet Ericia, Kelvan, Rowell, Spencer and Darren at Cineleisure for a movieeee - The Time, again. But i don't mind since the movie was awesomeeeeeeeeee so ya. + It was a free movie!! Apparently they had free tickets. Yeyy. After the movie we went to Somerset's food junction to chill chill mango under the sun (AHAHHAAHAHHA ok inside joke) Anyway
yes they ruined my autograph book. THX ALOT LOVE U GAIS.

Jasmine the hot shit





Edit: BTW Halloween Horrors @ USS Tmr. GOING TO DIE.

" No not really, it is just like real life. Not everyday you are happy and not everyday you are sad. " - Dakota Fanning

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